How do I contact with Fruitanya ?

www.fruitanya.com  or our call center on 444 3002

Which dates can I order?

Week 7 (seven) days can be ordered .

when my order will be delivered ?

Monday-Saturday Deliveries will take place between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 .

If Buyers can not be found at home?

If not found in the recipient's address will be informed . Delivery can be made to different buyers at the same address . Again to a different address Fruitanya officials will contact you .

Can I send products all over Turkey ?

Ships can provide our branches in the provinces . The other provinces of the products made only with cargo ships must select .

How will boxed products ?

Edible products will be delivered in a way that is packaged in a box .

What happens if Address is wrong ?

In cases where Address is wrong ( inaccurate information , etc. ) will be notified to you . When forwarding to a different address the wage gap is taken and the delivery time also varies . Again the next day if the price of a product is received.

What payment methods can I use?

Orders mail order with your credit card , mobile POS door , door, cash , wire transfer, EFT and PayPal payment methods can perform .

After you place an order Can I change my mind ?

Your order may be canceled unless produced . First phase cancellation and refund process does not take place . Special Days from the date of delivery of your order in 3 days advance notice is required to be done .

Order online at my personal information secure?

www.fruitanya.com   is hosted on secure SSL server . Fruitanya from a secure online shopping experience you can be sure . Credit card information is not stored.

Can we work as Corporate ?

If you intend to use our services on a regular basis corporate gifts 444 3002 to discuss the options you can contact our call center authorized with friends .